About Us

WELCOME TO OUR STUDIO! Since my mother, Doreen Pokusa,

founded our school in 1954, we have been providing quality dance

education in Ballet, Tap and Jazz to all of East County. It is with a

profound sense of family, combined with devotion to the art of dance

that we offer our students a healthy, welcoming environment in which

to study.

 I am certified to teach Ballet, Tap and Jazz by Dance Masters

of America, hold a major examination certificate from the Royal

Academy of Dancing and am a member of The Professional Dancers’

Society. My faculty includes Kris Clark and Jennifer Hammond,

certified to teach by Dance Masters of America, ensuring the newest

techniques and trends are combined with a full knowledge of classical

training. We offer lessons to students from pre-school age through

adults and all levels from beginners through advanced.

 Dance offers so much more than just competency of steps. We

encourage and nurture the love of all types of music, develop poise

and confidence, emphasize motor skills and, above all, have fun! In

June, all students are encouraged to perform in our recital. This is

a lovely event allowing family and friends to enjoy every dancer’s

accomplishments. Funds raised by my shows are donated to the

Antioch Community Scholarship Fund, giving assistance to college-
bound seniors. This out-reach is our pride and joy!

 My staff and I take a personal interest in every student. You will

receive newsletters keeping you well informed and up-dated during

the semester. We are always available to schedule a conference or

answer any questions you might have.

 Again, welcome to our dancing family!